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The Dark Knight Slots (Microgaming/Online, IGT)

The Dark Knight Slots

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The Dark Knight Slot - Online Version

The Dark Knight Slots
Disclaimer: thedarkknightslots.net is not affiliated to or endorsed by DC ComicsTM, Warner Bros, Microgaming, IGT or any other official source. It is just a fan site because I love slots and this one excites me. No, not in that way...
Every now and again a new online slot game comes along covered in hype and fanfare and Microgaming's new Batman-themed game, "The Dark Knight" - not to be confused with IGT's The Dark Knight which is exclusively restricted to land-based casinos - is one such slot and the disappointing August 2013 follow-up, The Dark Knight Rises (read my review here) received equally as much pre-release attention.

Personally, I prefer the first Dark Knight slot. Microgaming's hyped-up releases often hit the mark: Thunderstruck 2 is a game I have grown to love and while the vampire-themed "Immortal Romance" has also proven to be a very popular game. The Dark Knight Rises unfortunately doesn't measure up to either of those nor the first Dark Knight slot Microgaming released.

More importantly however, as you'll see shortly, their Lord Of The Rings slots were also popular games but not all the games match up to the hype and there are exceptions, most recently the "Untamed Bengal Tiger" game springs to mind. The Dark Knight slot is the latest in the current trend of taking movies and making them into slot games! 'The Mummy', 'Lord Of The Rings' (now discontinued), 'Gladiator', 'Rocky' and 'King Kong' slot games have all preceded The Dark Knight and I suspect there will be plenty more. I'd guess that the The Dark Knight Rises is a stick-on for the same treatment one day.

The Dark Knight slot was released on June 28th, 2012 at the casinos listed below.

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Where to Play Dark Knight Slots Online

The Bonus Features

The Dark Knight slot is really a clone of the 2nd (withdrawn) LOTR slot that Microgaming released in 2011 (the progressive jackpot version). The moment you start seeing the random features in the Dark Knight you will recognise the similarity. It has stacked wilds and free spins too and while there are siome subtle differences, it's clearly the same game engine that drove LOTR.

What this means is that the Dark Knight slot throws up lots of small features. Wild reels, small awards, extra wilds - plenty to keep the entertainment flowing. The flip-side to all this is that clearly, Microgaming have designed The Dark Knight game to entertain and that normally means big wins are few and far between. Yes, you get stacked wild symbols and free spins which combined with multipliers, can be lucrative, but the reality is that is a rare occurence. The 4-level progressive jackpot feature also results in around a 1% reduction in the RTP during normal game-play (it accounts for the progressive contribution) which, according to Slots Org, is 96.3%. I'm not a fan of progressive jackpots myself, especially rubbishy small awards like you'll get in The Dark Knight (the seeds are 10.00, 100.00, 10,000.00 and 1,000,000.00) but I may change my tune when I hit a biggie!

As you'd expect, you also get a free spin bonus feature, triggered by 3 or more Joker symbols in view. This provides 15 free spins with a 2x multiplier and occasionally the latter gets increased when the Joker spots up during the free spins. The free spins themselves can't retrigger however. This is where you really want the stacked wilds to show up en force!

So, in summary The Dark Knight slot is essentially the LOTR progressive slot minus hobbits and gollum who are replaced with Gotham's familiar foes. Only time will tell if this game is as sticky as LOTR but my bet is that it will be.

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